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Recommended Gay DVD Bargains
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Bouncer, The$4.95Big Blue Productions
Gay Amateur Spunk 7$5.99AVNS
Spyboy$6.60Hot House
Sunny Day$6.65Ikarus
Hot Boys From Brazil$6.80Bacchus
Bangin' In The 'Burbs$7.04Combat Zone
Borderline of Dreams$7.21Man's Best
Running Wild (Adonis Pictures)$7.38Adonis Pictures
Devil Inside (HIS & HIS Gold)$7.49HIS & HIS Gold
Fade Out$7.49HIS & HIS Gold
On the Down Low (HIS)$7.49HIS & HIS Gold
Foreskin Frenzy (Third World)$7.49Third World Media
Tight Latin Manholes$7.49Third World Media
Bigger Than Huge$7.49VCA
Brother Hustlers$7.49VCA
Color Me Bad$7.49VCA
Idol Country$7.49VCA
Big Dicks At School 5$
Bang!$9.02Falcon Studios
Office Twinks 3$9.25Male Reality
My Boyfriend Is Gay$9.27Male Reality
Bucketful O' Chicken$9.71All Worlds Video
Strongman Solo Series$9.71Big Blue Productions
Buckleroos 1$9.71Buck Shot
Hard Studies$9.71Buck Shot
Best Of Colt 5 & 6, The$9.71Colt
Blur$9.71Falcon Studios
Frat Boys, The (Malesolos)$9.71Malesolos
Hands On (Mustang)$9.71Mustang Ranch
My Brother's Hot Friend 1$9.71Naughty America
Manstars 2: Deny$9.71Private Man
Sexpack 1 (Raging Stallion)$9.71Raging Stallion
College Invasion Male$9.71Shane's World
Freshmen Recruits$9.88Pleasure
Stonewall & Riot$9.99Adult Visual Animation
Sgt. Swann's Private Files$9.99All Worlds Video
Bi Fucks (Bluebird Films)$9.99Bluebird Films
Foul Play$9.99Falcon Studios
Young Cops$9.99Heatwave
All American Boys (His)$9.99HIS & HIS Gold
Any Man Can Be...Hard Up$9.99HIS & HIS Gold
Don't Kiss Me I'm Straight$9.99HIS & HIS Gold
Mansize 2: Soccer Boy$9.99ManSize (Private Man)
Mansize: Working Day$9.99ManSize (Private Man)
Tim Barnett & Friends$9.99Metro
While The Cat's Away (Metro)$9.99Metro
Masque (Oh Man)$9.99Oh Man
Manstars 4: Lucas Foz$9.99Private Man
Private Man 1: Sword Master$9.99Private Man
Private Man: Desperate Househusbands 2$9.99Private Man
Nick Capra Dirty Talk$9.99Red Devil Entertainment
Storm Drain$9.99ST Studios
Vacation Spot$9.99Sunshine
Making It Huge$9.99Tool Factory
Cafe Cum Leche$9.99Tribal Pulse
Body Search: The Evidence Is In$9.99VCA
Knight Heat$9.99VCA
Total Corruption 1 & 2$9.99VCA
Campus Players$10.25San Diego Boy
Black Beach Gang Bang$10.59Pacific Sun
Get Your Rocks Off$10.73Amateur Straight Guys
Tommy's Tale$10.76Falcon Studios
Environmental Impact$10.83Arena
Training Camp (U.S. Male)$10.83U.S. Male
Dawson's 20 Load Weekend$10.89Treasure Island Media
Jacked To Vegas$10.95Channel 1 Releasing
Me, Myself & Ira$10.95Horizon
Bareback Barrack Cumfest$10.96Twinkz
Bare Bottoms Up In London$10.97Puppy Productions
Black Cocks In White Jocks$10.99All Worlds Video
Bringing Out Brother$10.99All Worlds Video
Barbarians, The$10.99Arena
Backyard Tails$10.99Caballero
Wet Shorts$10.99Catalina
Men In Blue$10.99Gino Pictures
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang$10.99U.S. Male
Just Can't Get Enough$11.00Wolfe Video
Hard As Rock$11.05Arena
Thrust Master, The$11.25South American Pictures
Cruising For Glory Holes$11.41U.S. Male
Willie Gets A Brand New Thing$11.59Daddy Oohhh
Big Dicks At School 3$
Cum Eating Cuckolds 32$11.99Kick Ass
What Guys Want$11.99Sunshine
Manplay 14$12.39Titan Media
ManPlay 5$12.39Titan Media
Gay Office 4, The ($
ManPlay 2$12.45Titan Media
Lean, Mean Fighting Machines$12.46Barrack X 69
Manplay 18$12.49Titan Media
Cuckold Creampie 6$12.87Lakeview Entertainment
First Experiences (Pacific Sun / Fraternity Studios)$12.88Fraternity Studios
Inn Over His Head$12.99Adonis Pictures
Slick & Sexy$12.99Malesolos
Aqua Club$12.99Pacific Sun
Escort Diaries$12.99Pacific Sun
Man-Driller$12.99Pacific Sun
Ranch Hand Muscle$12.99Pacific Sun
Water Jocks 1: Hard Competition$12.99Pacific Sun
His First Huge Cock 1$12.99Pink Visual
Twinks For Cash 5$12.99Pink Visual
In the Stretch$12.99Vivid
Return to the Hotel$12.99Vivid Man
Sizing Up$13.09Huge Video
Dudes With Attitude$13.15Eagle Video
Hot Type$13.19High Octane
Taking the Plunge$13.19Video 10
Lust Counseling$13.30Adonis Pictures
Warehouse of Sex$13.30Jet Set
Wet Palms: Season 1, Episode 1$13.30Jet Set
Wet Palms: Season 1, Episode 2$13.30Jet Set
Soccer Shooters$13.41All Worlds Video
Red Hot (general release)$13.41Falcon Studios
Drill My Hole 6$
Knight In Paris, A$13.41Overthere
Sexpack Six: Heavy Equipment$13.41Raging Stallion
Married Men on the Prowl$13.41U.S. Male
Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody$
Southern California Surfers$13.49Body Shoppe
Big Dicks At School 6$
Heaven To Hell$13.86Falcon Studios
Campus Pizza$13.97Titan Media
It's Gonna Hurt$14.25Big Daddy
Out In Public 6$14.25Big Daddy
Out In Public 7$14.25Big Daddy
Best of Rafael Alencar$
Big Dicks At School 4$
Drill My Hole 3$
Drill My Hole 4$
Drill My Hole 5$
Gay Office 3, The ($
Gay Office 5, The ($
Johnny Rapid Power Bottom$
Men In Budapest$
Str8 To Gay 4$
Boys at Play$14.27Arena
Sexpack 2: A Kinky Twist (Raging Stallion)$14.27IMD
Fresh Faces Of Suite 703 1$14.37Suite 703
Full Grown Full Blown$14.44Catalina
House Of Bareback (US Male)$14.71U.S. Male
Ride 'em Cowboy (South American Pictures / Arena)$14.99Arena
Hotel Hookup$14.99Jackrabbit Releasing
Bone Island$14.99Kristen Bjorn
American City, The$14.99Latino Fan Club
Mentor, The (Pacific Sun)$14.99Pacific Sun
Undergear$14.99Pacific Sun
What I Did For Sex$14.99Pacific Sun
Private Man 13: Rich Kid$14.99Private
Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven$14.99Private Man
Kinky Cuckold 3: Gangbang$14.99Severe Sex
Best Of Suite 703 3$14.99Suite 703
Los Hombres de Suite 703 1$14.99Suite 703
Men Hard At Work (Suite 703)$14.99Suite 703
Men Hard At Work 3 (Suite 703)$14.99Suite 703
110 In Tucson (110 Degrees In Tucson)$14.99Titan Media
Back To Barstow$14.99Titan Media
Battle Creek Break Down (Titan Men)$14.99Titan Media
Boiler (Standard Release)$14.99Titan Media
Breathless (Titan Men)$14.99Titan Media
Chainsaw$14.99Titan Media
Code Red (Titan Media)$14.99Titan Media
Command Post$14.99Titan Media
Cop Shack on 101$14.99Titan Media
Deep Water: Beach Patrol$14.99Titan Media
Factory Fresh$14.99Titan Media
Fallen Angel 1 (Titan Media)$14.99Titan Media
Fallen Angel 3: Initiation$14.99Titan Media
Fallen Angel 5: Horse (Director's Cut)$14.99Titan Media
Fear (Titan Media)$14.99Titan Media
Folsom Flesh$14.99Titan Media
Folsom Undercover (Standard Release)$14.99Titan Media
Gunnery Sgt. McCool$14.99Titan Media
Home Invasion (Titan Men)$14.99Titan Media
Ignition$14.99Titan Media
Lifeguard the Men Of Deep Water Beach$14.99Titan Media
Manplay 12$14.99Titan Media
Mens Room 2: Gale Force$14.99Titan Media
Mens Room 3: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8$14.99Titan Media
Packers$14.99Titan Media
Playbook$14.99Titan Media
Road To Redneck Hollow, The$14.99Titan Media
Spy Quest$14.99Titan Media
Spy Quest 3$14.99Titan Media
Warehouse$14.99Titan Media
Breeze$15.51GAI Studios
Humiliated Bi Black Cock$15.82Kick Ass
Thirst (Adonis Pictures)$15.99Adonis Pictures
Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony, The$15.99All Worlds Video
Piece Of the Action, A (Arena)$15.99Arena
Minute Man 18$15.99Buck Shot
Master Strokes$15.99Colt
Bi-Curious Couples 4$15.99Doghouse Digital
Hard Trip To Berlin$15.99Eagle Video
Seven On One: Gang Bang Experiences$15.99Eagle Video
Straight Naughty College Students 4$15.99IAAV
Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out$15.99Jake Cruise
Wet Load$15.99Jocks
Gay Frat House 3$15.99Male Reality
Gay Frat House 4$15.99Male Reality
Gay Massage$15.99Male Reality
Gay Massage 2$15.99Male Reality
Gay Massage 3$15.99Male Reality
Men In Uniform (Male Reality)$15.99Male Reality
My Boyfriend is Gay 5$15.99Male Reality
Office Twinks 4$15.99Male Reality
Office Twinks 5$15.99Male Reality
Mass Appeal 2 (Odyssey)$15.99Men of Odyssey
Bareback Men In Uniform 1$15.99Miami Studios
My Boyfriend Is Gay 2$15.99Mile High Media
Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War$15.99Pink Bird Media
Detention: Oral Exams 2 (Standard Release)$15.99Rascal Video
Sex Psycho$15.99Thor Productions
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 12$15.99U.S. Male
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 6$15.99U.S. Male
Damian Ford In Hawaii$15.99Zaye Entertainment
Paging Dr. Finger$16.05Hot House
Maric's Weekend$16.06Dolphin
Polish Pleasures$16.29Oh Man
Black Bi Cuckolding 5$16.45Kick Ass
Farm Boys (High Octane)$16.49High Octane
Sexpack Five: Dirty Deeds$16.49Raging Stallion
Personal Trainers 3$16.53Bel Ami
Crush: Falling Hard (Arena)$16.81Arena
Palm Desires$16.82Oh Man
Blade's Real World$16.83Oh Man
Passport To Paradise$17.24Raging Stallion
Dream Boy$17.62Triumvirate
Personal Trainers 6$17.81Bel Ami
Holier Than Thou$17.91Adonis Pictures
Straight College Men 1$17.91Straight College Men
Cowboy Country$17.99Colt
Crossroads of Desire$17.99Kristen Bjorn
Oink$17.99San Fran. Fetish
Hitch$17.99Titan Media
Fire Dance$18.15Kristen Bjorn
Go Deep$18.16Arena
Animus (All Worlds Video)$18.74All Worlds Video
Black Balled 5 (All Worlds Video)$18.74All Worlds Video
Colton$18.74All Worlds Video
Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, The$18.74All Worlds Video
Tales from the Foxhole$18.74All Worlds Video
Truckstop Daddy$18.74Catalina
When The Wife's Away$18.74IMD
Equestrian Club, The$18.74Oh Man
French Farmers$18.74Oh Man
Glory Holes of Chicago$18.74Oh Man
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas$18.74Oh Man
Glory Holes of San Francisco$18.74Oh Man
What the Wife Doesn't Know$18.74Street Corner Studios
Hot Lunch (Titan Men)$18.74Titan Media
Spark Plug$18.74Titan Media
Lickity Split (All Worlds)$18.99All Worlds Video
Back Row, The$18.99Channel 1 Releasing
Man's Tail, A$18.99Channel 1 Releasing
Pillage & Plunder: The Movie$18.99Channel 1 Releasing
Stone Fox$18.99Channel 1 Releasing
Real Straight Shooters 2$18.99Edward James Productions
Island Fever (Kristen Bjorn)$18.99Kristen Bjorn
Brazilian Holiday$18.99Oh Man
Euro College Buddies$18.99Oh Man
Flavor Of Men, The$18.99Oh Man
Rogered!$18.99Pacific Sun
Oral Exams$18.99Rascal Video
Wet, Wild & Slippery$18.99San Diego Boy
Criminal Intent (Studio 2000)$18.99Studio 2000 Int'l
Notorious (Arena Entertainment)$19.07Arena
Alpha Males Online$19.23Alpha Male Entertainment
Till He Comes$19.23Men of Odyssey
Ryker's Money Shot$19.99Arena
Jason Crew: The Making Of a Porn Star$19.99Body Shoppe
Twink's Swallow 2$19.99eboys
Stock: Sentenced (Jocks)$19.99Falcon Studios
Paris Perfect$19.99NakedSword
Ultra Fan$19.99NakedSword
Jock-A-Holics$19.99Pacific Sun
Desert Fire$19.99Studio 2000
Good and Bad$19.99Studio 2000 Int'l
Alabama Takedown$19.99Titan Media
Bad Conduct (Titan Media)$19.99Titan Media
Breakers$19.99Titan Media
Copperhead Canyon$19.99Titan Media
Distraction$19.99Titan Media
Double Standard$19.99Titan Media
Farm Fresh (Titan Media)$19.99Titan Media
Farm Hands (Titan)$19.99Titan Media
Gorge$19.99Titan Media
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station$19.99Titan Media
Slammer$19.99Titan Media
Telescope$19.99Titan Media
Sexus$20.24Raging Stallion
Canvas$20.24Red Devil Entertainment
Latino Bareback$20.45HS
Conquered$21.05All Worlds Video
Brazilian Holiday 2$21.09Oh Man
All About Bel Ami$21.56Bel Ami
Something About Dolphin's$21.89Dolphin
Rent Boy$21.89Eurocreme
Search, The (Ikarus)$21.89Ikarus
Side Effects$21.89Titan Media
Overdrive (US Male)$21.89U.S. Male
Inches$21.95Blue Pictures
World of Men: Sao Paulo$21.95Raging Stallion
French Connections 1: Temptation$21.99Falcon Studios
Sportsmen$21.99High Octane
Personal Trainers 4$22.49Bel Ami
Personal Trainers 5$22.49Bel Ami
Deep South 1$22.49Falcon Studios
First Time, The (Falcon / Jocks)$22.49Falcon Studios
Taking Flight 1$22.49Falcon Studios
ManWatcher$22.49Kristen Bjorn
Cum Suckers Trilogy, The$22.49San Fran. Fetish
Under The Big Top (Sarava)$22.49Sarava Productions
R.E.M.$22.99Titan Media
Cirque Noir$23.25Titan Media
Crush, The (Falcon)$23.67Falcon Studios
Boys Meet Boys in Brazil$24.88Oh Man
Mile Bi Club$24.99All Worlds Video
Frat Pack Box Set (HIS / VCA)$24.99HIS & HIS Gold
Dante (Red Devil)$24.99Red Devil Entertainment
Redwood Ranger$25.19Falcon Studios
F Word, The$25.19Jet Set
Power Boys 9$25.19SEVP
Chest, The$25.59Titan Media
Jersey Score$26.60Jet Set
Jan Dvorak & His Friends$26.74U.S. Male
Dreams (Gai Studios)$26.99GAI Studios
Ten + (Plus)$26.99GAI Studios
Hungary Men$27.58Falcon Studios
Straight Jocks Confess$27.93Big Blue Productions
Alpine Passion$27.93Ikarus
Roman's Holiday$29.99Falcon Studios
Up For Grabs (Mustang)$29.99Falcon Studios
Hangar$29.99Kristen Bjorn
Jackaroos$29.99Kristen Bjorn
Manville: The City of Men$29.99Kristen Bjorn
Tony's Big Brother$29.99Mustang
Italian Style (Sarava / Paladin)$29.99Sarava Productions
Making it with Kristen Bjorn$29.99Sarava Productions
Trickery$30.698 Teen Boy
Gay Simple Life, The$30.69NakedSword
Philip's Lovers$31.92Marina Pacific
Mavericks 2$32.68Studio 2000
Sex Stories 6$34.58Blue Hotel
Starting Young$34.99Channel 1 Releasing
Comrades in Arms$37.12Kristen Bjorn
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig$37.41Centaur
Skin Deep (Kristen Bjorn)$39.99Kristen Bjorn

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