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 Gay DVD Review, a part of the Adult DVD Talk community...
Joeblow69 Interviews Chris Steele
April, 2002
Chris Steele's Filmography

You have a lot of DVDs out now... do you have a favorite?

I actually haven't watched any of my own films on DVD so I can't say I have a favorite. The one DVD that I hear a lot of feedback about from people is CZECH POINT. Everyone tells me they love the outtakes on that one and being the only DVD people mention it must be good.

You've also been blessed with getting paired with some incredibly hot guys (Victor Racek, Pavel Novotny, Dean Coulter...) Is there any one guy who you had the most fun (and would like to get together again with)?

I just recently filmed a scene with the very hot Jason Hawke. I would have to say I loved working with him more than anyone I've worked with so far. He is very cute, has a great personality and a beautiful ass. Believe me Victor Racek, Pavel Novotny and Dean Coulter also are extremely beautiful so it would be a tough choice if I were given the option to work with one of them again. I used to always say I would love to fuck Pavel Novotny again but since working with Jason Hawke on the video VOO DOO for Falcon I've changed my mind. I'll gladly fuck Jason anytime on or off screen. The reason Jason Hawke was the most fun to work with is that I felt a real connection to him physically. We really clicked and I think it will show on screen when the movie comes out later this year.

Have you had a scene where you just didn't click with your co-star?

I have had a couple of scenes where I wasn't totally attracted to my co-star but I don't let that bother me, I want to film a good scene and have great sex whether I'm actually attracted or not.

Is there someone out there that you'd love to do a scene with?

Yes I'd love to fuck Billy Hart. He's a Czech Boy that does Live and Raw the website and he most recently was in a solo jo video for Channel 1 Releasing but he won't film gay sex. I can't wait till he changes his mind about that and gives up his butt on screen for me.

Can you give us a brief rundown of how you came to be internationally known porn star Chris Steele?

I'm flattered by the question. I consider myself a regular guy that likes to have sex with guys and strip at gay nightclubs. If I'm an international porn star it's because of the Internet. I put a lot of time and energy into my website and that pays off in terms of meeting people from all over the world. I communicate with guys in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Africa, China, The UK, South American and so on. I think the Internet has done a lot for my career as a porn star and someone that people recognize.

Do people's expectations of you as a porn star ever start to bother you? Has it made it harder to have serious relationship?

I have no problem with the consequences of being a porn star. I realize that people see me in a different way. Some people consider me "porn trash" like an old boss once called me as he fired me for doing porn in the first place and then there are people that really appreciate and enjoy what I do. I focus on the people that like what I do and don't waste any energy on the others. I haven't had a serious relationship in several years and I don't expect to have one any time soon. It's not because I'm a porn star that I'm not in a relationship, it's because I like being single and I'm comfortable in my own skin as a gay man.

Are there any trends in porn lately that turn you off?

The only trend that I don't like in porn these days is the scale back on the number of scenes per video. When I started in porn as recent as 1998 the normal amount of scenes per movie were 5 and some movies had 6 and 7 scenes with 12 to 20 guys in each movie. Now days it seems like more and more studios are putting out movies with only 3 or 4 scenes and 7 or 9 guys per movie. I think the studios need to get back to the 5 scenes standard with a few orgy scenes to serve as the CLIMAX and lots and lots of hot guys.

If you could change anything in porn, what would it be?

I would change the notion that only "straight men" can become Bonafide Porn Stars. A producer once told me when I started out that I would NEVER be a BIG NAME in the business because I was a GAY MAN and "gay men aren't the stars in gay porn, straight men are." Why should straight guys have all the glory in gay porn? I want to see guys that like to fuck men, suck a big hard cock and bury their face into a hot ass, not someone that doesn't want to do it or is just doing it for the money, that's no fun! Give all the glory to the gay men and make the straight boys take it up the butt!

What are your thoughts on the recent trend of mainstream pornstars (like Jeff Palmer and Jackson Price) doing bareback films?

I think it's the personal choice of any porn star what kind of sex they will or won't film on video. That's one thing a lot of people don't know about porn, they don't ask you to do anything you don't want to do, you're not forced to do anything. You do it as a model because you want to. So if Jeff and Jackson want to film bareback videos then that is their right in a country that is protected by The First Amendment and I'd rather thank God for that than condemn them for their choice.

Many of your fans might not know this, but you've actually written quite a few porn scripts. Any that you are particularly proud of?

I'm particularly proud of the video SEVEN DEADLY SINS: GREED and the reason is that SDS: GREED is the first video I wrote without any previous cast list, location or direction. On most of the movies I write I am given a cast list, the locations and a basic theme for the movie. In the case of GREED I was given the task of writing it with nothing at all but a blank page. As a finished script it is 17 pages and that's a lot when you consider my script for CONQUERED was only 7 pages.

When you are writing scripts, do you have free reign to come up with whatever story you want, or does the studio tell you precisely what to write about?

I suppose I sort of just answered that question. Yes usually the studio (Chi Chi La Rue) will call me up and tell me the cast, the locations and the basic theme for the movie like, "This is to be a take off of Gladiator leading up to Billy Herrington getting fucked." For CONQUERED I was told that plus they had three locations, the cell/slave quarters, the area outside the cell/slave quarters with the big doors and the King's Royal Bath Room. They didn't have anyone cast but Billy Herrington at that point and the only thing I knew about the movie other than a few details like the number of scenes and other guys was that it had to lead up to Billy getting fucked in the butt. It was nominated for both a GAYVN Award and a GRABBY Award.

Do you have any other writing projects you can talk about? I seem to remember reading something about you and your mom writing TV pilots?

Yes I have written several full-length regular movies with my mother, a TV Pilot and two one act plays. Between us I think we've completed 9 screenplays. We just finished re-writing one and submitted it to a producer in NY that requested a copy and we're about to start on a new story that is based on a dream I had recently. Hopefully some day that door will open for us and I can add Hollywood Screenwriter to my credits along with Porn Screenwriter.

Any chance of Steele Pole or Polish Steele coming to DVD? You had a hand in directing both of these, right? Any more plans to direct soon? (if so, don't forget to film lots of behind the scenes clips! We DVDaholics love that stuff!)

I discussed the possibility with Channel 1 Releasing and we haven't decided if it will be put on DVD or not. I am the first to admit that the movie has some technical problems. I directed the action and the sex and the co-director did the lighting and camera work. I wasn't entirely pleased with the camera work or lighting, but the sex was great!!! If it comes to DVD it will probably be in a double feature DVD along with another title.

Have you ever thought of starting you own line of videos? I envision "Breakin' them In, with Chris Steele" where our hunky host Chris Steele scours the country, finding fresh studly young men, and pops their on-camera cherry :)

Your vision may come true some day. I have the idea to start that whenever my appearance schedule slows down. I've been performing at nightclubs since October of 1999 when I quit my regular job to travel for what I thought would be 6 months. Here it is 2002 and I'm booked all the way through September with no end in sight. My idea is to do a line of movies called RAW STEELE where I film guys that want to do porn. Hopefully it will be a reality some day.

Your latest movie, Cops Gone Bad, should be coming out on DVD very soon. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I can tell you that it's not for the faint-hearted vanilla loving romance DVD fans. In the scene I run Michael Soldier off the road, handcuff him and take him to "my jail" where there's only one way out, on your knees. The sex is very realistic in terms of domination and force. To some people it might be a little too real, but just know that Michael Soldier may act like he doesn't want me to fuck him, but he's only acting. In the end of the scene I leave him cuffed to a pole in the middle of nowhere as a joke. We plan to film a continuation of the scene but some reviewers have said it bothered them that I left him there. Don't worry, I'm going back to get him as soon as I find another hot jogger to fuck him.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

I'd just like to say please check out my website for the best Live Cameras and Live Sex Shows on the Internet. gives you access to Live & Raw, Spy on Him, The Nob Hill Cams, Dude Dorm, Gay Webcams and much much more.

I want to thank Chris again for taking the time out to answer these questions. If there is anything else you wanted to know about Chris, stop by his website! You don't have to be a member to post a question on his Q&A or Forum pages, and his monthly chat is open to everyone.

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