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Joeblow69 Interviews Director and Head of Raging Stallion Studio, Chris Ward
May, 2003

Raging Stallion's Website
Raging Stallion DVDs - Reviews of Raging Stallion DVDs

You've done films for a couple of different studios. Can you give us a brief history of your work? What was your first movie?

I started directing and starring in films for Hot House. I have also directed for Falcon, Can Am, Zeus, and Raging Stallion. My first video was The Hole Punch, a film for Hot House. Most of my work has been for Raging Stallion. I have edited almost all the movies I have directed (even at the beginning). I think I have not edited only about five of my movies. Editing actually takes up much more of my time than directing or running Raging Stallion.

How long does it take to edit the average film?

It takes about three weeks to edit a movie from start to finish. I edit very fast because I also directed the footage being used. I have a good memory, so I remember exactly how each scene is to unfold in edit.

What made you decide to start up Raging Stallion?

I have a vision of Gay Erotica that is a bit different from that of other directors. From the beginning, I made the porn that I wanted to see. Working under other studios did not really allow for me to fulfill my vision. So I started my own company. Now I make the movies I want to make without any one else cramping my style.

I also have a strong accounting and management background, so heading up a studio is really exactly what I love to do.

What is your vision for porn?

I simply want to film hot, masculine men doing what for them is natural. I was one of the first directors to bring hairy, bearded, tattooed men into porn.

At what point did you start to collaborate with J.D. Slater? Do you find it easier to co-direct movies with J.D, or does having two people calling the shots complicate things?

J.D. actually convinced me to start Raging Stallion. He and I work well together, and his music is key to the overall success of Raging Stallion. My working with J.D. brings two generations of film making together (we are only six years apart in age, but he got into the porn biz much, much earlier than I did). JD brings to the table the Chris Rage tradition of 1980s filmmaking. This fits nicely with my own, more California approach.

Do you have a favorite star to work with?

Tom Vacarro and Michael Brandon rank at the top. I discovered Tom many years ago at IML. Raging Stallion just named him our 2003 Man of the Year. He is one of the most delightful people I have ever met. Michael Brandon, of course, is a superhuman. He is a partner in Raging Stallion.

Out of all your movies, do you have a favorite scene?

I have a number of movies and scenes that I really like. I should say that I am proud to have never released (via any company) a movie that I am not proud of. I think this is one of the main reasons for my success--consistency of product. Among my favorite scenes are the Michael Soldier/Chris Steele pairing in Cops Gone Bad (winner of the 2003 GayVN's Best Sex Scene), the Peter Raeg/Michael Vincenzo/Shane Rollins pairing in Gay Dreams, and the entire movie SEXUS. Michael Brandon's great performances in SEXPACK SIX are also excellent. The scene with Sky Donovan and Chris Steele in Lumberjacked (MVP 69 from Falcon) is also one of the pairings about which I am very proud.

I've noticed a trend in porn lately, where out of the blue, an oral cumshot will pop up. I've even started to see them in the movies from the bigger studios. Considering recent medical reports that eating your partner's cum is relatively low risk, do you see oral cumshots making a comeback? Are there any plans for future Raging Stallion films to contain any oral cumshots?

I noticed this as well, and was really surprised to see Kristen Bjorn doing it. Here at Raging Stallion we are very much concerned about the health and well being of both our models and our audience. We will follow industry guidelines and medical advice. I see no need to be out in front on this controversial issue.

I've also noticed that it seems fisting is becoming more prevalent in gay porn (with both Falcon and Raging Stallion starting up fisting lines). Do you worry at all about the current administration coming down on you with obscenity charges?

I certainly hope not! We sell our handballing products only to qualified buyers--ie, those who want to see fisting. We also follow the letter of the law here in San Francisco, where fisting is not illegal. There are dozens of companies out there that produce far more extreme stuff than Raging Stallion. Fisting is only a very small part of what we do.

Have you ever had a fisting scene go terribly wrong? Have you ever filmed fisting first-timers?

We have never had a scene go bad. We film fisting only when we have models who are very experienced (as part of their normal, everyday sex lives)

It seems Raging Stallion is starting to migrate toward longer scenes. Other studios have tried this as well, with varying results. What do you think the secret is to filming a longer scene, and still be able to keep the viewer's interest throughout the whole thing?

We have always shot longer scenes--indeed one of my contributions to gay porn was to be the first major director to shoot 4 scene movies (the old standard was 5 scenes). Why throw away good footage just to cut a scene short?

I believe that most of the recent Raging Stallion DVDs are shot in "Sexascope", which I think means slightly widescreen. What has been your customer's reaction to this? Do you get a lot of people complaining that the movie doesn't fill up their screen? (I think it looks great, personally).

Video cameras film a larger picture than a standard TV screen can display (this is called the "overscan") By changing the pixel shape we can fit the entire image that we film on the tv screen. Wide screen tvs do the same thing. We have never had a single complaint about SEXASCOPE. Indeed, it has met with high praise and we are very happy to be the only studio producing widescreen movies. We have a new process that we will be using with some of our fisting movies called "fistavision", which is even wider screen.

Have DVD sales of Raging Stallion films overtaken VHS? Or are tapes still selling more?

In wholesale distribution, VHS still out performs DVD, but in retail sales off our web site, DVDs make up about 90 percent of the market.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest flick, Nexus? I see Carlos Morales is on the cover... he seems to becoming a hot little property lately. How was he to work with?

Carlos is Great! His pairing with Tom Vacarro is about as good as it gets. Nexus is the second of a trilogy studying the art of the orgy. I never filmed group scenes in the first years of my career (they cost too much!). I have a strong feeling about how orgies should be filmed--I hate movies that cut back and forth so fast that you have no idea who is fucking who. Nexus is an orgy movie like no other--it is structured around a group scene with eight or ten guys, but then the camera goes in tight for a series of 5 or so "Focus Groups" of between 2 and 4 guys. This allows for a sense of "group sex" but also lets the viewer stay with a few guys to build a connection. SEXUS, on the other hand, was really a five way that was filmed so as to have every possible combination. I will not tell you what Plexus! will be like--suffice it to say that it, as the final installment of my group sex series, will be totally different from the first two. I really want the trilogy to be a true "Study in the Art of the Orgy." Plexus! is scheduled for a winter 2003/2004 release.

I recently read that Raging Stallion recently bought the Chris Rage collection, and will be bringing these to DVD over the next couple years. I'm having a little trouble finding any information about Chris Rage... was he a director from the late 70's/early 80's?

Chris Rage was one of the founders of Gay Erotica on video. His company was called Live Video and his greatest film, My Masters, won the equivalent of GayVN Video of the Year. JD Slater, my business partner, was one of his directors and models. JD, by the way, received his GAYVN Lifetime Achievement Award this year (this will be awarded tonight in Hollywood--may 8, 2003)

What would you be doing if you weren't directing porn?

I would be teaching at a university and going on archaeological expeditions (I have a PHD in Latin American History and Maya Archaeology).

This certainly has been a big year for Raging Stallion, especially with the 13 GayVN Nominations you've recently received (including one for best director). What do you have on tap to make the next year even bigger?

I am not sure that next year will be "even bigger"! I have some ideas in mind for Plexus, which is the third part of my orgy trilogy--I do want to expand on the material we covered in SEXUS and NEXUS. It is my hope that the SEXUS trilogy will go down as a classic study in the art of the orgy. For the rest, we will continue to put out the highest quality product we can produce and I hope that viewers will continue to appreciate (and purchase!) our movies.

I want to thank Chris for taking time out from his busy schedule for this interview. If you're even slightly into orgy flicks, you'll definitely want to check out Nexus it's incredible! Fisting fans should splurge on the 2-DVD hardcore version, currently available only directly from Raging Stallion.

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