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Joeblow69 Interviews Sean Paris
June, 2003

What made you decide to get into porn?

Getting into this business was something I had decided to do a little over a year ago. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I began working out on a regular basis, eating right, and in general caring about my health more. Once I began to see positive results, I had a friend take some amateur photos. Kind of on a whim, I sent them to the offices of Playgirl a lo and behold--they called me back and said I'd gotten the "Real Man of the Month" spot. I suppose that gave me the self-confidence to send out my photos to various studios, and Titan was the first to ask me to come out and work on a project.

As a relative new comer to the scene, how did the reality of making porn differ from your preconceived notions?

I've done 7 features films, and one for Titan that was a lower-budget video (Manplay 004). You know, I really did not know WHAT to expect when I got into porn. At the time I didn't personally know anyone in the biz, so I just had to wing it. I think the one thing that surprised me is how long it actually takes to shoot a's very technical and on many occasions by the end of a 12-hour shoot we're all exhausted and ready for bed so we can get up early the next day to do it all over again!

Do you have a favorite studio to work with?

Titan is tops when it comes to professionalism, video quality, and pairing. Also, the guys that Titan casts tend to be exactly the kind of men I am attracted to. They also gave me my first break and were very gentle with me.

Which of your scenes did you enjoy the most?

The scene with Patrick Knight in "R.E.M." Not only is he incredibly handsome with a body to die for, he's a very intelligent, sweet man. We clicked right away and I feel like our chemistry and sexual energy really showed on-screen.

How was working with Patrick Knight?

From the first time I met Patrick at the airport, I knew we'd have a lot of fun on the shoot. As I said before, he's a great guy. Originally, I was cast as a bottom for R.E.M. but after discussing things with Patrick we decided we'd like to flip-flop. At the time I wasn't crazy about bottoming, but with some practice I was able to relax and kick back and very much enjoy having him top me. Then it was his turn, and all I can say is I hope he enjoyed it half as much as I did!

I've only seen you so far in Holler and R.E.M, but from those two movies, you appear fairly versatile.  Do you normally prefer top or bottom?  Or does it just depend on who you're with?

My preference is still to top, although I've become much more open to bottoming. The way I look at it is, why not explore an avenue that can bring so much pleasure? For me in my personal life, I'm more willing to bottom for an older guy with experience. Someone who knows what they're doing and has patience.

Is there anything you aren't willing to do on camera?

Never say never I think is my motto. Up until now I've been in fairly vanilla scenes, which suits me fine. But I do have another, darker just remains to be seen if it's something that will ever be caught on tape...

Care to explain your "darker side" at all?  What exactly are we talking about here... bondage? S&M? Fisting?

Well let me just say this: I could picture a big, rough Daddy-type guy like Steve Hurley or Ben Archer having their way with a point. There's a large part of me that is definitely drawn to the more submissive side of the fence, but up until now I haven't explored that on-screen. So Steve or Ben, if you read this...<grin>.

If you had your choice of filming a scene with anyone in the industry, who would it be?

Damn, only one? Well, I happened to be laying poolside one weekend next to Ray Harley; it was a clothing-optional resort, and he opted for none. He's sexy and adorable all at the same time, and that fuzzy butt was driving me crazy! Also, Chris Steele--now there's a man I'd happily bottom for on camera or not.

Are you currently in a relationship?  If so, how does your significant other deal with you having sex with other men on camera?

I've found that guys are initially curious about what I do. Especially if they've never really been exposed to the "scene" it may be kind of fascinating. But not everyone can deal with the reality of it, and understandably so. So no, I'm not in a relationship at the time.

What qualities do you look for in a man?

In all honesty, I am and always have been attracted to men older than me. I like the sense of comfort and stability provided. I like to feel taken care of, and that doesn't have to mean financially. With some of the craziness that invariably comes along with this line of work, it would be wonderful to have someone who is entirely removed from it.  And physically, I don't go for the 0% body fat, perfectly ripped gym bod. I like naturally big guys, a little belly is cute...wide shoulders and a nice hairy chest. And someone who isn't afraid to put me in my place when I need it.

Do you take part in the dancing/escort scene?

I danced for 2 nights at a club in West Palm Beach, and once at Bourbon Street here in San Diego. But it's funny, I can do a scene with any number of people on the set but getting naked and dancing in front of a large group is still somewhat nerve-wracking for me. I leave stripping to the experts.

One-on-one I'm very sexual and get off on driving a guy wild, and put my talents to use as an escort. I've met some really great guys, and have enjoyed the benefits of being an escort. Sure the money's good, but I've also been fortunate enough to have had a number of great, memorable experiences. I love to be given the opportunity to go on weekend getaways, or taken shopping...come on, honestly, who wouldn't? It's never been something I felt forced into in any way. And when the day comes to move on to a new career, I will.

Have you had to work with any gay-for-pay actors?

Of course. And I've heard stories about just how difficult it can be to work with "straight" boys. Fortunately, the times I've been paired with one the scene has gone well. I've even had come-ons from the "straight" ones from time to time, imagine that! But hey, to each their own and as long as they're into it enough to make it hot it doesn't make a difference to me.

What do you do when you're not shooting porn?  Accountant? Computer programmer?

Hehe, not quite. I guess you could say I'm a jack of all trades--I've done a little bit of everything.

Do you have any new movies coming out soon? 

My last two movies, Navy Blues and R.E.M., both came out recently. I did all 8 in a reasonably short amount of time and then took a short hiatus after relocating from Florida to California. But if all goes well I'll be back on the set next month.

Have you made any deals with any studios for your upcoming videos yet? Or is that all still up in the air?

Titan and I are currently getting our schedules synchronized. It's kind of funny, Titan is known for their rugged men and good old fashioned nasty sex, but have thus far sheltered me from anything too hard-core. Maybe the next flick I do with them will be geared more towards the "dark side"...

Many thanks to JoeBlow69 and Sean Paris for this great interview! If you'd like to contact Sean you can email him at

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Sean Paris as appearing in Centaur Films "Wild Rangers"

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